Ep 4: Dating for Convenience

2 Pence Podcast

22-12-2021 • 30分

“A person true character is revealed when they have money”

A month or so, some guy’s tweets circulated saying that their current girlfriend who they have been with for however long were temporary. Yes “Temporary”! (Meaning… they were just with them for the time being.) If and when they come into financially freedom, they would leave their current gf for someone on their level. Problematic right?

In this episode, Tina Esther along with cohosts, NK and Jeremiah Kenny are discussing Dating for Convenience. Is this something men do or are men with this ideology just simply time wasters. Ending the episode with the 2 Pence Game and abit of fun. Like to contribute your 2 pence? Head over to our Instagram @2pencepodcast to join in on the conversation.

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