The Lane House

Haunting Abaddon

28-05-2022 • 18分

Haunting Abaddon Episode 1

The Lane House

Tyson is a college student in his last semester, graduation is so close he can taste it. Unfortunately, the hot housing market has forced him from his 1-bedroom studio apartment leaving him to go on the hunt for a new place to stay at to finish up the school year. In no time, he finds a beautiful bungalow in an older community, even closer to his college and cheaper too! When something seems too good to be true, it likely is as Tyson soon discovers the horror that awaits him inside the Lane House.

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Haunting Abaddon is an original podcast written and produced by EPILID Media. All stories and characters are fictional unless otherwise indicated and any similarities to humans living or...DEAD is purely coincidental.

Music provided courtesy of Th3Vidiot