The Watcher in the Field

Haunting Abaddon

12-03-2023 • 9分

One hot, Texas night while visiting his Tia with his cousins, a teenage Joseph Carrasco had an experience that continues to haunt him until this day. Joseph retells the story of the night he and his cousins made a disturbing discover in the field behind their Tia's housing complex. As one dim street light dulled in the darkness and became engulfed in a mysterious mist, the temperature dropped an an unsettling horror set in. This is ' The Watcher in the Field'.

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Special thanks to Joseph Carrasco for sharing your terrifying tale! Please check out Josephs podcast The Cognitive Discourse as well as his heavy metal radio show 'The Brootal Block' on Super Cool Radio!

Haunting Abaddon is an original podcast written and produced by EPILID Media. All stories and characters are fictional unless otherwise indicated and any similarities to humans living or...DEAD is purely coincidental.