The Bot Dilemma

Haunting Abaddon

12-06-2022 • 23分

Haunting Abaddon Episode 2

The Bot Dilemma

Al (Star) Stevens is the popular host of the Music Makers podcast. He's seen a lot of success since he left his boring day job to focus on creating full time. His Discord community is full of amazing podcast hosts, DJ's, content creators and more. His best friend Amber (a.k.a FuzzyBunny) knows how much work it is for Al to moderate the Discord server, so she added a chatbot named Craig to help. Soon weird things start happening and the bot seems to be at the center of it all. Will Al preserve the online empire he's built or will it all come crashing down around him? Listen to this chilling tale to find out...

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Haunting Abaddon is an original podcast written and produced by EPILID Media. All stories and characters are fictional unless otherwise indicated and any similarities to humans living or...DEAD is purely coincidental.

This episode is dedicated to all my fellow creators, who also have a distaste for Craig...