Horror Stories Vol.1

Haunting Abaddon

28-05-2023 • 11分

Welcome to the first collection of horror, tales of terror, anthology of fright! This episode contains three short stories that will be sure to give you pause the next time you reach to turn out the light.

Part 1. The Interrogation - Tracking down an ellusive serial killer can be a real challenge, but making them an offer they can't refuse may prove more challenging.

Written by Joseph Carrasco

Voiced by Joseph Carrasco & Nolan Guenther

Produced by Nolan Guenther

Part 2. Lost in the Frequency - In between the static, is where the spirits attempt to communicate with us but you have to listen closely. But be careful what you wish for because not all the spirits are friendly.

Written and Produced by Nolan Guenther

Part 3. Bloody Diary - There's a reason that run down shack in the woods has been abandoned for years! Tread carefully, or come face to face with your fears.

Written and voiced by Joseph Carrasco

Produced by Nolan Guenther

These tales of terror are fictional and any resemblance to true stories is purely coincidental.

Please email us your terrifying stories at hauntingabaddon@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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