Cheers to 100K! The Pelvic PT Rising "Why"

Pelvic PT Rising

01-07-2021 • 16分

This 'sode was inspired by this podcast hitting 100k downloads!  We're so excited about the milestone, but mostly because it means that so many of you are choosing to devote more time, effort and energy to being better.

We dive back into the reason we started the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast.  With so many pelvic PTs feeling overwhelmed, lacking mentorship and struggling with their confidence we need practical, positive, REAL, honest conversations!

So glad this podcast can be a great resources for so many of you.  Some great resources now out there for our field....and no more excuses for not improving every day!

Downtraining Masterclass

We mention the Downtraining Masterclass in the episode - it's all online, short and concise, and $47.  It covers the three categories of downtraining and how to develop a comprehensive plan for downtraining with your patients. Check it out!

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Nicole and Jesse Cozean founded PelvicSanity Physical Therapy together in 2016.  It grew quickly into one of the largest cash-based physical therapy practices in the country.

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