Bottomless to Sober

Jessica Dueñas

Bottomless to Sober is the podcast where I, Jessica Dueñas, talk about anything and everything related to life since my transition from my addiction to bottomless drinking to a sober life. I gained recognition as Kentucky’s state teacher of the year in 2019, which was at the peak of my addiction to alcohol. I didn’t get sober until I summoned the courage to tell my story, and now I’m here to continue to tell the tale. Welcome! read less
28. 12 Faces of Sober: Kenneth Watson's Journey from Addiction to Fatherhood
28. 12 Faces of Sober: Kenneth Watson's Journey from Addiction to Fatherhood
In this episode: Content Warning: Discussion of pregnancy loss and abortion As I sat down with Kenneth Watson, known as 12 Faces of Sober, a rush of raw emotions filled the room. His story of struggle, transformation, and the joy of fatherhood took me on a journey that deeply resonated with me. From his past experiences with abortion and miscarriage fueling his addiction, to finding strength and hope in fatherhood and sobriety, Kenneth's candid revelations served as a powerful testament to human resilience and the invaluable role of a supportive community. Walking us through the dark alleys of his life, Kenneth was open about his mental health struggles and the impact of his father's alcoholism. His transition from casual drinking to addiction, taking him through the military, a tumultuous marriage, and multiple rehab stints, was a stark reminder of the havoc addictions can wreak. But it was equally inspiring to see how he found light at the end of this dark tunnel, breaking free from addiction and embracing the joy of fatherhood. However, our conversation did not stop at his personal journey. We also delved into the larger implications of addiction, highlighting that it knows no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries. Kenneth brought forth the necessity for mainstream recovery to be inclusive of people of color, and how sobriety can serve as a rebellion against historical alcohol-induced control mechanisms. Join us on this enlightening journey as Kenneth shares his path to sobriety, the joys and challenges of fatherhood, and the empowering lessons he's picked up along the way. Resources: 12 Faces of Sober Site Follow 12 Faces of Sober on Instagram Bottomless to Sober – Coaching, Writing Classes, and Workshops Transcript