Regaining Arctic Dominance

Luis Ayala

THE U.S. ARMY IN THE ARCTIC 9 Jan 2021 Chief of Staff Paper Number 3 Our Army exists to protect our nation and to preserve the peace. To meet that core requirement, the Army must man, train, equip, and organize to win in the Arctic. The Arctic is simultaneously an arena of competition, a line of attack in conflict, a vital area holding many of our nation’s natural resources, and a platform for global power projection. Regaining dominance in the Arctic provides new opportunities to engage and train with the many allies and partners around the world who also operate in extreme cold weather, mountainous, and high altitude environments. For example, in meeting India's autumn of 2020 request to provide cold-weather equipment, we gained understanding of the requirements to operate in places like the Himalayas. This strategy communicates our objectives and plan to build an Army capable of Multi-Domain Operations and regaining Arctic dominance. read less