Catherine Frazee: Dispatches from Disabled Country

The Pulse

07-10-2023 • 26分


On this episode of the Pulse, host Joeita Gupta discusses disability identity and the book 'Dispatches from Disabled Country' by Catherine Frazee. The book is a collection of Frazee's writing over the years, exploring themes such as disability rights, identity, human rights, and the relationship between disability and the medical world. Frazee discusses the evolution of the disability rights movement in Canada and the ongoing debates around medical assistance in dying. The program also includes a conversation with Frazee about finding joy and staying optimistic in disabled country. Overall, the program highlights the importance of embracing disability identity and advocating for the rights and dignity of disabled individuals.

Link to Catherine Frazee’s book:

“Dispatches from Disabled Country”

Episode Highlights:

Joeita introduces author and advocate Catherine Frazee (1:11)

Joeita and Catherine discuss the meaning of the title of Catherine’s book “Dispatches from Disabled Country”. (1:48)

How Catherine chose which of her writings to include in her book. (6:16)

Catherine gives her thoughts on the evolution of the disability rights movement in Canda since the 1990s. (9:20)

Catherine discusses the effects of the Traci Latimer case on disability rights. (11:56)

Joeita and Catherine discuss medical assistance and dying in Canada. (14:04)

What advice does Catherine have for someone who has recently realized their citizenship in disabled country? (23:27)

About Catherine Frazee:

Catherine Frazee is a Canadian educator, activist, researcher, poet and writer. She is currently professor emerita in the School of Disability Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).[1] Prior to her retirement from Ryerson in 2010, she served for a decade as professor of distinction and as co-director of the Ryerson/RBC Institute for Disability Studies Research and Education. She is known for her role as Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission from 1989 to 1992.


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