Roadie on the Horn - EP171 - 2023-24 NHL Season Preview + NFL/CFB/MLB Talk

Roadie on the Horn

12-10-2023 • 1時間 18分

ROTHPOD EP171 - 10/11/23 - We've got a really busy podcast for you on this beautiful Wednesday in October! Here's what we got into:

1:20 - 2023-24 NHL Season Preview

37:30 - '23 MLB Divisional Round (Dodgers floundering, underdogs living up to the moment)

47:00 - NFL Week 5 recap (Giants lose... again... Eagles win!... again!, and the Cowboys stink... again!)

57:25 - College Football Week 6 (Miami with the greatest collapse ever, Iowa wins, Oklahoma > Texas)

01:05:05 - Who is the worst team in the NFL and WHY?

01:08:40 - RK's family goes hard with 3 FANTASTIC questions (worst coaching errors, being slept on (or puked on?) on an airplane, and eye contact vs. mouth? contact when being talked to)

What a week, thank you to all the ROTHPOD friends who listen and contribute! We appreciate you!