Hear To Last

Deborah Chan

We navigate through life better when we’re able to unpack deep lessons in life and build upon them brick by brick. "Hear to Last" is a podcast hosted by Deborah Chan where you will find authentic and meaningful conversations on topics that matter in life. We only have one chance at life, so it matters what we listen to. Tune in twice a month as Deb unpacks topics on life, purpose, parenting, marriage, relationships, and more. Lean in and bring these conversations around the coffee table, on your comfy couch, or to whoever you share life with. She is the author of "Live To Last", a heart-gripping memoir written to this generation to step up and step out to make a difference in this world. In her book, she shares pivotal events that have shaped her perspective on life - from witnessing the crumbling of the World Trade Centre to her radical move from the corporate world to rural Cambodia. read less