Bits and Pieces 19: HOT TAKE - Anime Merch Is Not Worth It, Except....

Good Anime Palette

31-07-2023 • 1時間 21分

What started out as a catch-up about Will’s trip to Japan divulged into a review on Anime branded junk food (in audio format), followed by a discussion about the benefits and profitability of Anime merchandise.

Episode Timestamps

(00:01:11) The Rundown on Will's Fukuoka Escapades
(00: 09:29) Anime Junk Food Reviews Start

  • (00:11:24) SPY x FAMILY Shokugan Wafer & Card
  • (00:21:10) Demon Slayer Rock Candy
  • (00:26:28) Ultraman Biscuits
  • (00:31:07) Chainsaw Man Curry

(00:39:47) Discussion on Anime Merchandise

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Outro: Like the Ocean by The Big Let Down

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