Thrills, Chills, and Controversial Opinions! Hardly Working 203

Hardly Working

18-10-2023 • 1時間 17分

Welcome to another exciting episode of 'Hardly Working,' the show about life, love, and labor, hosted by the couple that juggles work, play, and everything in between! In this episode, SP shares the thrilling experience of DJ'ing live performances, including sets with industry giants like Fat Joe, Ashanti, and Train, all in vibrant locales like Las Vegas and San Francisco. Plus, there's a spooky twist - SP is now the official Fall Festival Spokesperson for Sprouts, and you won't want to miss his commercial that just started airing this week! The episode delves into the unique challenges of work-life balance faced by independent contractors and business owners like SP and Kellie.

With Halloween around the corner, Kellie brings a devilishly fun game to the table, 'Horror Nights or Hell House,' where she describes spine-chilling scenes that could be from Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights or a local church's outreach event, 'Hell House.' SP and Kellie also share their unfiltered opinions on various topics, from debunking the 'money can't buy happiness' myth to discussing the importance of open communication in relationships.

But that's not all! Brace yourself for a wild ride into the world of bizarre news stories, including 'Amish men 'shunned' after a nationwide emergency alert reveals their phone use' and 'AI girlfriend encourages man to attempt crossbow assassination of the Queen.' It's all here in this week's episode of Hardly Working - so grab your popcorn, tune in, and join the conversation!

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