Redolent Music Podcast 049 | KEENE

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08-11-2021 • 1時間

This week’s episode is hosted by KEENE, duo composed by the brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, whose sound is clearly fresh, expressive and seductive, mainly influenced by taking elements from Afro, Brazilian Funk, Disco, House and Techno genres. For the past years they have been exploring their Afro-Caribbean heritage and early age influences with the intention of delivering something new into the contemporary realm, thus extending that same essence and spirit into the future. That unique brotherly complicity is poured into what they do, with their combined musical and technical talents eliminating their possible weaknesses. Both are perfectionists that have found their personal way of making music, a process that is organic as it is electronic, and to understand, you just have to see the dancing throng while they DJ.
Alongside managing Late Night Music’s roster of shows in Panama, KEENE is based in Berlin for the most part of the year where they joined the Watergate family in 2018. They also run a Berlin based label called Cacao Records, with releases that include talents like Till Von Sein, Emmanuel Jal, Anja Schneider, Floyd Lavine, David Mayer, Cee ElAssaad , Boddhi Satva, and Rick Wade to mention a few. This year they kicked off with a new series of events by the name of Cacao City.
Enjoy this Afro Latin journey with this talented duo including TOSZ, Sparrow & Barbossa -  Saudades do Amor on Redolent !
01. KEENE - Bocaracá (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)
02. Sifa - Cobra
03. Yamil, G. Zamora - Lamento (Club Mix)
04. KEENE, Robosonic - Selva De Mar (Instrumental Mix)
05. Mze, Candy Nurse - Mahuwelele (Manoo Remix / Mzee Vocal Edit)
06. Jimpster - Step By Step
07. KEENE - Rift Valley
08. TOSZ, Sparrow & Barbossa -  Saudades do Amor / Redolent
09. Le Croque, Atsuo, Jamie Fallon Smith - Bird Of Soul
10. KEENE - Le Coucher Du Soleil
11. KEENE, David Mayer, Barbie Williams - Luna, Rojo, Palmera (Saint Evo Remix)
12. Zogo - Afrika (The Funk District Regrooved)
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