When You Call For What You Want, Don't Be Surprised When The S**T Comes Up

Beautiful Subconscious

19-11-2023 • 14分

We often call for change in our lives - better relationships, more wealth, personal growth - but we forget that this journey comes with challenges.

In this episode of Beautiful Subconscious, we will delve into the concept of calling in what we desire and the challenges that come with it. Let’s explore the idea that when we ask for what we want, we must be prepared for the challenges that may arise. In order to align ourselves with the reality we desire, we must first confront and let go of the unresolved issues in our subconscious. Along the way, we may face roadblocks and confrontations, but by diving through them and extracting wisdom, we can ultimately rise to the higher version of ourselves that is deserving of our dreams.

We’ll look further into:
✨ Importance of checking in and giving yourself grace.
✨ Needing to deal with lower aspects to rise to a higher level.
✨ Challenges and roadblocks while pursuing goals.
✨ Why it’s essential to move through personal junk and wounds.
✨ Nurturing and supporting oneself in times of growth.

As we near the end of 2023, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the year and acknowledge all that you have experienced, both the highs and lows. Honor your journey. Stay tuned for an episode filled with wisdom, guidance, and inspiration.

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This is your opportunity to transform pain into empowerment and claim the life you deeply desire. Gain radical self-understanding, harmonise emotional imbalances, and reconnect with your innate self-worth, leading to a deeply fulfilled existence.