Your WHY Could Actually Be The Reason You Are STUCK

Beautiful Subconscious

12-11-2023 • 14分

“WHY?” is a question we often ask ourselves. Your conflicting desires can leave you feeling stuck. More often than not, what you fear holds you back from what you want.

In today's episode, we will explore the concept of conflicting desires and the feeling of being stuck. I’ll share my personal experience of consciously wanting one thing, but subconsciously being pulled in another direction. We’ll go deeper into our subconscious minds and how they can sabotage our desires, believing it's for our own best interest.

We’ll focus on:
✨ The concept of conflicting desires, feeling stuck, and the difference between conscious and subconscious desires.
✨ Aligning subconscious desires, limiting beliefs, and self-punishment based on imagined situations.
✨ Recognizing subconscious patterns and conflicts.
✨ Conflicts from childhood wounds and experiences.
✨ Conflicting desires for career success and being present for family.

Together, let’s discover the complexities of conflicting whys and the path to finding balance. Tune in to Beautiful Subconscious for yet another thought-provoking and transformative episode!

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