GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 126: Waiver Tips, Comparisons (8-2-2018)

GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast

02-08-2018 • 1時間 6分

On this episode of the GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast host Tom Dougherty goes over some tips for the waiver wire and talks about easy comparisons by position. He talks about strategies on how to use the waiver wire effectively. He also talks about how to mix and match players according to that weeks match up. He talks about tricks that have worked for him over the years and how to impliment them correctly. He then goes into talk on different positions and compares and contrasts players with similar ADPs. The running back and wide receiver pool this year is full of talent, meaning there are many ways to navagate the first few rounds of your draft. Tom goes over those different paths and talks about the effectiveness of the different strategies.

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