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When relationships fail - Mehal Mahipal Unplugged
When relationships fail - Mehal Mahipal Unplugged
We all search for the perfect partner or relationship full of love, romance, respect, loyalty, and passion. Deep down inside, we know - that we need the other, and often we are willing to give everything to be with someone. A few months or years later, we realize that what started as our life's love turned into our life's challenge. We struggle to find common ground; some of us are stuck in patterns or roles we have taken on over time. Unable to feel ourselves and forget the dreams we once had.We feel betrayed, disappointed, and frustrated - is this the love we longed for?It doesn't need to be that way - I believe that true, long-lasting, deep love is possible. But only if we understand our own needs, desires and expectations. Once we know what does make us happy - we can radiate this into the world to attract what we want. Astrology Love Readings can be a powerful tool along this way - to find out what we are energetically made of. It can help us understand why we attract certain partners or show us what we need to feel safe.If we are in a relationship, Astrology Love Compatibility Readings can assist us in understanding our partner's point of view too.This week's podcast is about our search for love and union and astrology as a path to get where we are supposed to be. Check out my website at to get your Astrology Love Reading booked!#loveastrology #lovecompatibility #shamanicastology #foreverlove #lovehoroscope #whenrelationshipsfail #mehalmahipal