The Wizard (1989)

Ruined Childhoods

18-08-2020 • 1時間 37分

The Wizard (1989)

Our third episode “Child Star Month” features Dan and Jon’s hometown homie Jeff Rubin (The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, College Humor, Buzzfeed), who joins them to reminisce about their childhoods and discuss The Wizard, also known as “the Nintendo movie” (which ironically does not focus much on Nintendo). They discuss how stars Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis have both transitioned from being child stars to successful adults with vibrant careers in directing, and music, but Jackey Vinson, the actor who played Lucas Barton, owner of the coveted Power Glove, had a more upsetting future. Also discussed are the curious lack of promotion in Nintendo Power magazine at the time, the unlikely roles that provide some of the best performances in the film, and Jeff’s newest creation,

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