EP 128 Postpartum Recovery Through Yoga with Deb Flashenberg

Postpartum University® Podcast

05-09-2023 • 36分

The truth is that 100 kegels a day will not physically heal the postpartum body.

When it comes to postpartum recovery, the conventional medical world is seriously lacking in its understanding of the changes a woman's anatomy has gone through and what the body truly needs.

Today's guest, Deb Flashenberg, founder and owner of Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC joins us to discuss the emotional and physical benefits of postnatal yoga.

In today's episode, we're:

  • Exploring the intense physiological changes the anatomy endures through pregnancy and then very suddenly through and after childbirth and the effects on the muscular structures within the core.
  • Highlighting the importance of diaphragmatic breathing, understanding exactly how to do it, and emphasizing the holistic benefits of the breath component of a postnatal yoga practice.
  • Discussing the emotional, mind-body connection of a yoga class and the importance of finding community during the postpartum healing period through shared experience and physical recovery.

If you're in the years postpartum and wondering how to feel connected to your body again, this will get you pointed in the right direction.

For the postpartum professionals, Deb will specifically address what you need to know about how to support moms in rehabilitating their core and what to suggest for physical recovery.

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