EP 131 How Care in Postpartum Impacts Long-Term Health

Postpartum University® Podcast

26-09-2023 • 21分

I am welcoming you to a thought-provoking episode where we are on a mission today to transform the way we think about the impact of postpartum care on long-term health and really shed light on a critical aspect of healthcare.

It's time to move beyond that acute care and embrace a more comprehensive, supportive, and proactive approach that really has the potential to transform lives.

In this episode, we're:

  • Addressing the impact of postpartum care on long-term health.
  • Emphasizing how postpartum care influences the health of families, communities, and society as a whole.
  • Outlining an 8-step blueprint for exactly how healthcare providers can elevate the "standard of care" when it comes to the postpartum period.
By implementing these steps and embracing this holistic approach to postpartum care we can help create a paradigm shift. It's abundantly clear that comprehensive postpartum care is not a luxury, it's a necessity in our world.

Feeling inspired and ready to learn more about how you can actively revolutionize postpartum care?