EP 124 Microdosing Shrooms for Maternal Mental Health with Lindsay Roselle

Postpartum University® Podcast

08-08-2023 • 35分

Let's talk about that elusive work/life balance and unleashing your full potential of unbridled creativity. In this episode, we're talking with Lindsay Roselle, growth and performance coach, podcast host, and CEO of the Mother Load Company.

In this conversation, we're sharing:
1. Lindsay's story of her high-achieving corporate career, and how she navigated the choice of passion over the security of a 9-to-5 job and her transition from her high-achieving corporate career. She candidly shares the challenges faced by balancing life as a working mother and the tools she used along her journey.
2. How our brains build neural pathways to adapt and survive and how microdosing can unlock these pathways for fresh perspectives. Not only does it offer potential solutions to depression, anxiety, and lack of focus, but it also fosters enhanced creativity, connection, and empathy.
3. A topic that's a hotbed of debate - the safety of microdosing for mothers. Lindsay shares her insights and draws upon evidence from Indigenous cultures regarding the use of plant medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We also explore legal considerations and ways to source your microdosing supplements safely.

This thought-provoking episode will leave you with many takeaways, insights, and a new perspective on motherhood and personal growth.

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