EP 129 Exploring the Origin and Impact of Postpartum Thyroid Disorders

Postpartum University® Podcast

12-09-2023 • 34分

Let's talk about the thyroid! It's an unassuming butterfly-shaped gland, tucked away in the neck and it might seem small, but its role in our well-being is monumental.

There are some serious and alarming rates of postpartum thyroid disorders and dysfunction.

Up to 23% of new mothers will experience thyroid dysfunction in postpartum, compared to a minimal 3-4% of the rest of the general population!

In this episode, we're:

  • Pushing back against the conventional medicine belief that thyroid disorders aren't preventable or curable. Further, we'll dive into the physiological origins of thyroid dysfunction as they relate to the hormonal shifts and changes of pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Connecting cortisol (the stress hormone) to thyroid disorders and examining the role the lack of cultural support plays in the epidemic of thyroid disorders in the US.
  • Diving into how women and providers can support the postpartum body nutritionally to facilitate the production of hormones that allow the thyroid to function properly.

This conversation offers yet another example of the ways in which we are experiencing a maternal health crisis.

It will encourage you to consider things that need to happen here and how we can look at what's really happening within the body and provide postpartum women with the support and care they deserve.

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