EP 130 Healing Trauma Through Food: Exploring the Emotional and Traumatic Connections to Nourishment

Postpartum University® Podcast

19-09-2023 • 29分

We've all heard of emotional eating.

You know I like to have conversations nobody else is and today's topic is no exception.

We all have a relationship with the food we eat. And for many, that relationship is somewhat dysfunctional. I'm going to share my own personal journey here with establishing a healthy relationship with food and some suggestions for how to heal the emotional connection to nourishment.

In this episode we're talking about:

  • Why our relationship with food matters, especially as we lay the foundation for showing up as our best selves in motherhood.
  • Where the relationship between trauma healing and food has its roots, how it's perpetuated in society, and most importantly how to heal.
  • Methods for holistic healing that will allow moms to finally let go of their disordered eating habits and embrace nourishment for their minds, bodies, and spirits.

I truly hope that this episode allows you to see that you are NOT alone in the connections you've made in your life between your eating habits and your self-worth. It's a universal experience, especially among women. I want you to take away from this episode that there are truly very practical steps you can put into place within your lifestyle that allow you to have a healthy relationship with the way that you provide nourishment for yourself.

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