Resurrection - Dr. Aastha Vats

The Unheard Stories Podcast

04-06-2022 • 1分


-   Dr. Aastha Vats

Oh I fell!

In the deepest darkest pits of hell

They took a shovel and dug a hole

They buried everything but couldn't bury my soul

Now that I lie in this crib made of mud

In my mind a lot of thoughts flood

When I was alive I was the bird flying free

Sure, Sometimes I was the storm and sometimes the uprooted tree

They say when one life ends another begins

But why is it that death always wins?

I calmly tell death that I cannot accept it's warm comforting embrace

I have a lot to do, let me resurrect with grace

Not so soon, It says. Fight me! Fight me it shrieks

And I prepare myself for the brawl in that squeaky creek

I punch it in the face with whatever vigour I could gather

And it falls on the ground like a lifeless leaf, completely tattered

Why is this silence so deafening?

Or is it just the pleasant sound of me winning?

Hah! I'm not a loser and I never have been

Now it's my time to shine, my time to grin

I tell my soul, enough you've slept

Now my darling is the time to resurrect.