Outdoor Therapy with Andre St. Hilaire, LMHCA

Mental Break it Down

01-11-2023 • 36分

Ever pondered how the great outdoors can serve as a therapy space? Tune in as we explore this captivating concept with our guest, Andre St. Hilaire, a licensed mental health counselor and expert in outdoor therapy. Andre paints a vivid picture of how outdoor therapy serves as a form of play therapy for adults, allowing clients to find stillness and connect with their nervous systems. However, he underlines that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution and stresses the importance of safety, comfort, and informed consent before embarking on this therapeutic journey.

The episode further delves into the unique impediments men face when seeking therapy. We discuss societal pressures men face in terms of expressing their emotions and how outdoor therapy can offer a more comfortable, natural platform for them. Andre also introduces us to the concept of 'therapy by proxy' and its potential to transform how men relate to others. Finally, we take a deeper look at outdoor therapy, the associated benefits and apprehensions, and Andre's personal experiences and advice for those considering it. Don't miss out on this enlightening expedition into the therapeutic wild!

Andre St. Hilaire, LMHCA
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