Existential Crisis and Handling the Holidays

Mental Break it Down

29-11-2023 • 46分

Imagine you're cozied up in our new recording setup, your favorite mug in hand, ready for a heart-to-heart on all things mental health. We're up close and personal this time, sharing insights from our therapeutic niches and revealing how the right therapist-client fit can make all the difference. Oh, and we'll remind you to stay hydrated - it's easy to forget during those deep chats!

Would you want to know how or when you will die? This thought-provoking question was the centerpiece of our conversation this episode, sparking a reflective dialogue on mortality, the fragility of life, and the importance of living fully. Balancing work, rest, and self-care was another topic on our minds, and yes, we even confessed to some reality TV guilty pleasures - "Naked Attraction" anyone?

As we look towards the holiday season, family dynamics, financial pressures, and gift-giving expectations can become a minefield. We've been there, so we share our personal experiences and strategies for navigating these complexities. We emphasize the importance of setting boundaries and advocating for oneself, especially during this challenging time of year. Tune in, and let's break it down, one mental hurdle at a time.

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