Interview with Haylie Castillo, LICSWA, CFT-1

Mental Break it Down

06-09-2023 • 32分

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own private practice straight out of grad school? Guess what, it's no longer an impossible dream! We're thrilled to have Haylie Castillo, a licensed clinical social worker associate, Certified Financial Therapist, and entrepreneur who defied all odds to start her private practice just after graduating. She's here to share her journey, the bold decision, the careful planning, and the work that went into setting up her practice. With her experience in the Abundance Practice Party, Haylie emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself, your practice, and the often overlooked practical guidance needed from grad school.

Navigating grad school, resisting the pressure to learn everything, and finding a niche is no easy task, but Haylie's discovery of her niche, and the power of carving her own path. But the learning doesn't stop there! Delve into Haylie's lessons from setting up her private practice where she found the importance of healthy money beliefs and a supportive community. She also shares her unique perspective on the value of vulnerability, trusting in others, and how essential it is to rally your support circle. So, are you ready to garner fresh insights and possibly take a new direction in your career? Tune in!

Haylie Castillo, LICSWA, CFT-1, Castillo Financial Therapy

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