Stock Picks Bob's Advice Podcast, a companion to the blog.

Robert Freedland

Bob Freedland is an amateur investor who is also a retired physician and blogger.  He has been blogging for years on Stock Picks Bob's Advice but took a hiatus when his practice took most of his time.  He is now back podcasting and sharing his ideas and rationales for investing.  An amateur investor, he always advises listeners to check with their professional investment advisers prior to making any decisions.  However, his approach is methodical looking at latest quarterly results, a look at the point-and-figure chart, Morningstar fundamental results and estimates going forward.  Nothing magical but Bob tries to do his homework and identify the plusses and minuses of investments.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  While Bob is an amateur investor, his blogging developed into a more serious activity of actually managing investment models through the start-up which was acquired by Interactive Brokers.  While not managing any investments for others at this time, with his medical background he helped a small Healthcare Fund get started on Covestor which after the acquisition of Covestor by Interactive Brokers, he is no longer managing but still consults with the Sparrow Freedland Healthcare model that is on the Interactive Brokers Platform.  He does not make any decisions for that fund but does discuss holdings with the manager and does receive a consulting fee for his work.

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