Getting Started with Digital Storytelling (feat. Emma Wailes, Hippo)

The UX Energy Podcast

06-03-2023 • 47分

Emma introduces UX as a way simplifying services that you use every day. Her previous experience has.

Emma explains why digital transformation projects often fail. She argues that focusing purely on “digital” isn’t helpful. Since departments are run by people, it’s important that transformation is with people and processes, not just digitising their existing workflows. Digital innovation must be driven by your users.

Getting stakeholders onboard is through effective communication. Emma explains how you can learn the soft skills to have those conversations.

Emma then explained the importance of hand-drawn ideas and problem solving. People feel that they can collaborate and give feedback when there’s “messy” sketches. On Dribbble alot of people redesign apps, but 90% of the time this is the make up on the surface. But this doesn’t solve the problem!

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