Listen To The Whisper | Genevieve Grant

Listen To The Whisper

21-07-2021 • 37分

“When in doubt, if you’re not sure what to do… don’t do a f**king thing. Be bold enough to hold really still... just hold still and wait for the craving to become strong enough, that you feel you can’t do anything but move on it.”

Welcome to ‘Listen To The Whisper’ … where we explore how people navigate change.

Genevieve Grant is a Personal Coach, Somatic Worker, a Poet and a Writer.

In her own words, she likes to work with 'smart, creative, frustrated people using their combined ‘smarts’ and creativity to turn frustration into tangible, sustainable success.'

In this episode, Kate explores the importance of waiting for a ‘craving’ while refusing to change your identity to make other people feel more comfortable.

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