The Power of Microdosing in Entrepreneurship with Taylor Lane

Stacks with Racks

16-11-2022 • 51分

In this podcast episode, Racks is diving into all things microdosing and entrepreneurship with one of her favorite humans in the online space, Taylor Elizabeth Lane. Taylor is a microdosing guide and spiritual business coach, who helps entrepreneurs expand their mindset and income with mushroom medicine. We discuss how this can help you follow your intuition to stop living from a place of self-sabotage and reach new levels of success.

Taylor lives her peaceful life with her fiancé and cat, Biggie Smalls, filled with spirituality and sunshine. Originally from a small town in Connecticut USA, she has found her home away from home living in Antigua Guatemala for the past 7 years. She channels her major Sagittarius energy towards her passion for helping ambitious people discover their soul calling and make an incredible income by answering it.

If you are feeling stuck in your business, mushrooms can be a helpful tool in shifting your perspective and moving towards your goals. Her signature program, Microdosing for Entrepreneurs is a beginner friendly, self paced course that helps you hit your next business goal with a 90 day micro doing practice.

Key takeaways to tune in for:
Pivot for Paradigm Shifts (4:04)
Find Change in Self Sabotage (8:11)
Break Your Blessing Blocks(12:45)
Mindset Expansion with Mushrooms (20:34)
Massive Microdose Transformations (24:59)
Embrace the Equilibrium (37:04)

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