Find Your Voice in the Collective

Stacks with Racks

19-10-2022 • 12分

In this podcast episode, Racks is sharing her view on doing this business with the mindset of collective morality. This can be toxic, not just for our mental health but also for this industry. Question your values, in order to avoid getting sucked into someone else’s beliefs.

Have we taken the time to question whether we even subscribe too much of what is prescribed in this space? Let your internal compass guide you, which means listening to the person inside, not to the people around you. Right in the middle, between the right and the wrong, is this space where everything is possible.

Key takeaways to tune in for:

  • Question Collective Values (0:39)
  • Find Your ‘In Between’ (3:12)
  • Align with Your Ethical Truth (5:32)
  • Move in Motive & Intention (7:19)
  • Own the Self Trust in Your Voice (9:14)

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