How Does It Feel (S01E09)

Juggalo Rewind

14-10-2021 • 1時間 5分

This week, Peter and Chris deep-dive into the ninth track on Twiztid's debut album, Mostasteless - "How Does It Feel."  Sit back and listen as we dissect the lyrics to this song, discuss the significance of the song to the juggalo culture, talk about how this track starts and stops abruptly (for now?), and tackle important topics like how long it takes for a Lions coach to have a total meltdown.     Twitter: @JuggaloRWD IG: @JuggaloRWD Facebook: @JuggaloRWD Website - LinkTree - Email us - Additional music provided by Steve O of the IRTD. Powered by the 20x20 Apparel.

Listen to "How Does It Feel" on Spotify.   Listen to "That's Why They Hate Us..." on Spotify. Ask Peter to sign your copy of Behind the Paint here.

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