The Benefits of Frustration with Brenda Rigney - EP 11

Speak Kindly, You’re Listening

22-12-2022 • 32分

How do you manage your anger and frustration when it feels like the whole universe is working against you? As a high achieving woman, it’s hard not to play the blame game towards yourself, picking apart your decisions and actions trying to find where things went wrong. But there is a benefit to frustration! It shines a light on a piece of yourself you may need to work on. Knowing this, you can take moments to look inward and see where you need to be more intentional with yourself.

Join us as we learn:

  • How to embrace the voice inside, stepping out of guilt and shame
  • Finding your “wing” person to support you during the stressful times
  • To take a moment to ground yourself with your ideal cozy items  that gives you comfort and connection

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