The Importance of Community and Support for Women in Business with April Hicke and Marissa McNeelands - EP 18

Speak Kindly, You’re Listening

11-05-2023 • 34分

As a woman striving to climb the corporate ladder in a male-dominated industry, you know the standards and criticism that women face. Not only is our inner voice speaking negatively, but the coworkers that give their input, uninvited, speak louder than most. At what point do you give in to the negativity and begin to look for work elsewhere? Today we are joined by April Hicke and Marissa McNeelands the creators of TOAST, a membership-based collective that’s flipping the hiring dynamics for women in tech BY women in tech. They share their journeys in business and how forming a group of supportive women and creating a strong community has been the key to success in their corporate climb! They believe in helping the "Lonely Only" and are striving to help women like you step out of the toxic places and into your true calling.

Listen In As They Share:

  • How to combat self doubt and low expectations
  • Why a supportive community is so important for leadership success
  • What it looks like to be in the layers of healing

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