Leveling the Leadership Roles Playing Field with Gillian Montgomery - EP 10

Speak Kindly, You’re Listening

15-12-2022 • 32分

How are you supposed to build your confidence if everyone seems to be chipping it away? As a high achieving woman in leadership, it can be an uphill battle to be seen as someone with authority or on the same playing field as men in a similar role. Finding confidence in yourself and your abilities takes time, as you leave your people-pleasing tendencies behind. Refusing to make time for the BS and replacing that with confidence in your skills and abilities will show that you are a great leader. Today we are speaking with Gillian Montgomery about stepping into a leadership role and discovering that you are worthy to be there.

Join us as we discuss how:

  • Having an unhealthy way of overcompensating to compete with “the boys club” will only hinder your growth as a leader
  • To notice the change in your confidence as you work towards finding your leadership style as a women
  • To set healthy boundaries to allow your strengths to shine

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