Discover Your Potential For Success with Julia Stewart - EP 21

Speak Kindly, You’re Listening

08-06-2023 • 50分

What is your definition of success? As a high-achieving woman you know you are able to perform at the top levels of business. The journey to the top can come with many hurdles and roadblocks, especially for women. When you know your value and choose to stop proving yourself, you embrace being you and then success typically follows. Today you’ll hear from Julia Stewart, who is the previous president of Applebees and IHOP, turned founder, Chair & CEO at Alurx, Inc. a new wellness brand offering health-conscious individuals with a consistent, proven line of wellness-based solutions that can be personalized to match their goals. Julia shares her journey to success, discovering confidence, and realizing her potential that defines no bounds.

Join us as Julia shares:

  • Her definition of success
  • How to become a strong leader in your workplace
  • Why learning to fail quickly was key to her growth
  • The importance of valuing you when making difficult career decisions

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