Becoming A Multidimensional You with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe - EP 22

Speak Kindly, You’re Listening

15-06-2023 • 42分

What are you allowing your inner gremlin to speak to you about? Learning to reframe your mindset is a lifelong journey that challenges your inner fears. But allowing yourself to unpack those feelings of self-doubt will bring your inner wise woman into the light. Today we turn the tables on Dr. Jessica Metcalfe as she invites Mary Chan to be a guest host to ask HER the questions! Mary is the founder and CEO of Organized Sound Productions, who believes in empowering women to reclaim their voice. Mary is a Voice Coach, Voice-Over Artist, and Podcast Strategist for podcasts including this one, “Speak Kindly, Your Listening”! Get into the nitty gritty with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe as she shares how building a strong and welcoming foundation for community will raise the bar in your leadership role and allow you to show up, ego set aside, and just be you.

We will discuss:

  • How childhood components affect your inner critic
  • The importance of activating your inner wise woman
  • Why choosing to be fully you, gives you a seat at the table to inspire change
  • How to build a life you love outside of the workplace

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