How to Acknowledge that You are Enough with Bri Williams - EP4

Speak Kindly, You’re Listening

03-11-2022 • 22分

Acknowledging your enoughness, silencing the fear of rejection, and giving yourself permission to speak kindly to yourself are great starting points in your self-love journey! Getting back to focus on your truths to put those inner gremlins to rest and being self aware enough to see your areas in need of growth may be easier than you think. Realizing that we are way harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever dare to be and learning to speak kinder to yourself might be the key that opens up your door to your untapped potential! Today we are speaking with Bri Williams as she shares her tips on how to reach your goals by speaking a lot more kinder to yourself!

In this episode, learn how to speak kindly to yourself through:

  • Choosing positive words to say over the fears that limit you
  • Acknowledging that you are enough
  • The benefits of putting yourself first in challenging situations
  • Jumping into the unknown with positivity by your side

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