Ep. 53 Navy SEAL-Ray ”Cash” Care‘s American Story

We The People, Our American Story

12-11-2021 • 46分

Ray was raised in Baltimore, Maryland in a broken home.  He was subject to frequent beatings by his dad, but Ray still considers him a good father.  When Ray was only 11, his dad was murdered.  Ray was sent to live with his mom.

Ray was athletic, but he also got himself into a lot of trouble.  After his dad's death, Ray found himself drinking and doing drugs.  He was on the path to jail.  The military turned out to be Ray's saving grace.

Ray failed the ASVAB 3 times.  Ray was told he would never become a Navy SEAL.  Ray started BUDS with class 200, and finished with class 200; one of only sixteen in a class of 130+ to make it through the punishing finish line.

Ray has a no quit attitude, and considers himself a savage.  Ray lives by the four pillars of family, fitness, finances, and faith.  Every day he spends one minute, telling himself positive mantras.

Ray believes he was put on this earth to help others.  He uses acronyms and simple steps to lift others to become the best versions of themselves.

Ray works as a pain coach.  He's a man who can endure alot, and teachers others to do the same.  Ray is convinced the world needs more pushups.

Before you listen to this episode, grab something to write with and a piece of paper.  Ray will fire you up!

Not only is Ray a Navy SEAL, he is a popular motivational speaker, accountability coach, and works with many programs to improve those willing to work hard.

Find Ray on Instagram at raycashcare DM him...If you don't ask him something stupid, he will respond.


And he can do 1,320 pushups in an hour!