Airbnb's Record Quarter, Nikola's Early Days

Motley Fool Money

02-11-2022 • 18分

If you think this is a market that will automatically reward a stock because the company posted record revenue, think again.  (0:17) Asit Sharma discusses: - Why today's announcement from the Federal Reserve won't change the way he invests - Record revenue highlighting Airbnb's 3rd-quarter results - Whether today's drop in share price looks like a buying opportunity (8:31) Ben Foldy, Wall Street Journal reporter and host of the podcast "Bad Bets", shares insights on Nikola founder Trevor Milton, his early career, and the steps that led to one of the hottest stocks of the pandemic. Companies discussed: ABNB, NKLA, KNX Host: Chris Hill Guest: Asit Sharma, Ben Foldy Producer: Ricky Mulvey Engineers: Tim Sparks, Rick Engdahl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit