Season 7 Episode 4 with Lea Watson Aka Glow Sober

The Sober Experiment Podcast

03-12-2022 • 57分

Welcome to season 7 of The Sober Experiment Podcast by Bee Sober where Alex and Lisa chat with Lea Watson, founder of Glow Sober. Originally an Instagram page to review alcohol-free drinks and literature, it has now evolved into working with organisations to support their employees by raising awareness of the impact of alcohol. Lea has always had a complicated relationship with alcohol which escalated after the death of her only son, in 2018. She finally became alcohol free on 12 July 2020 and is committed to making profound and lasting change by promoting the positive benefits of sobriety and supporting those that wish to take a more mindful approach to their own alcohol consumption. By working with employers, Lea’s aim is to remove the stigma from having conversations about drinking and encourage a non-judgemental, objective approach to the benefits of reducing one’s alcohol intake. Lea’s son was killed in a road traffic collision when he got into a car with his friend who drunk. He crashed and Jack was left with catastrophic and fatal injuries. Lea works with a charity called Safe Drive Stay Alive and talks to teenagers of driving age about the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Lea has a first-class degree in English, and is also PCET (DTLLS) trained. She also holds an MA in Lifelong Learning. Much of Lea’s working life had been in business development, and product management. She has written and developed many training courses on a variety of subjects and delivered presentations to corporate audiences on a regular basis. She is also a designated Recovery Coach Professional. Lea relocated to Bournemouth from South Gloucestershire in 2021 where she and her partner have bought an old house with a sizeable garden to renovate. She says she can already feel the benefit of coastal living. Lea is a a keen runner and has completed several marathons, including New York. Find Lea here: Please also check out our website You can also check out the following link to find out more of what we are up to, you can sign up to our newsletter, join as a member, join our Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube channel - Have a go at The Sober Experiment® (our free gift to you here: Additional links: Donate to Bee Sober: