Season 10 Episode 4 With Sarah Williamson

The Sober Experiment Podcast

04-11-2023 • 1時間 8分

Welcome to Season 10, Episode 4 of The Sober Experiment Podcast by Bee Sober, hosted by Lisa and Alex, with special guest Sarah Williamson, Bee Sober's head coach and author of "Drink Less, Live Better." Join us as we dive into Sarah's remarkable journey through the highs and lows of 2023. From the excitement of publishing her first book to the challenges of undergoing surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, Sarah shares her personal story with honesty and vulnerability. Tune in to gain inspiration, insight, and practical advice on living a fulfilling and sober life. Get ready to be empowered by Sarah's resilience and triumph over adversity. Find Sarah here: Visit our website: You can also check out the following link to find out more of what we are up to, you can sign up to our newsletter, join as a member, join our Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube channel - Have a go at The Sober Experiment® (our free gift to you here: Additional links: Donate to Bee Sober: