Voice Over CONFERENCES 2024 – Downloadable Calendar

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26-01-2024 • 16分

Last year we started our Voice Over Conference Calendar here on the channel and it was a hit. I got a lot of feedback, comments on the video last year, and the video and downloadable conference calendar were both well received.

So we’re back this year with my 2024 Voice Over Conference Calendar. Again, this list is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive or comprehensive. This is simply my list of conferences I believe you should consider if you're putting together your plan for conferences for the 2024 year.

Download the Calendar here: https://welcome.vopro.pro/conference-calendar-2024

APAC: https://audiopub.org/apa-conference
VO Atlanta: https://votlanta.me
VO Atlanta Spanish Track: https://www.voatlanta.me/voa2024/SpanishSpeakers
VOcation and eVOcation: https://vocationconference.com
One Voice UK and USA: https://onevoiceconference.com
MAVO: https://www.midatlanticvo.com/
That’s Voiceover: https://sovas.org

The VO Breakfast Show: https://podbay.fm/p/the-vo-breakfast-show


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