The 7 REAL Reasons You’re Not Booking VO Jobs

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07-09-2023 • 11分

Actors, in general, are notoriously bad business people. And statistically, we’re bad a booking work. Even elite voice actors will book 5-10 jobs out of every 100 they audition for. Chances are you’re booking way less than that and today I’m going to teach you why.

First, there are some overarching truths about voice actors:

1. We are historically, willfully passive.
According to the State of VO Survey, conducted by NAVA, the National Association of Voice Actors, about 75% of us report reaching out to market our services less than 3 times a day. Think of literally any other business in the world and imagine what would happen if that business marketed to 2 or less people a day. They wouldn’t be in business. So, what about voice actors? The same number, 75% report making less than $40,000 a year. Can you live off that? Can your family?

2. There are way more voice actors now than ever in history.
This was true before COVID, and a saturated market became drenched during the pandemic. This is the basic problem confronting the pay-to-plays – how to fairly distribute a relatively small number of auditions to thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of voice actors.

You can’t control the number of voice actors and the saturation of the market. But what you can absolutely control is how you go about finding business in a sea of talent.

So today, I’m going to break down the 7 REAL reasons you’re not booking more voice over jobs.
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