Toby Ricketts: "It's NEVER Been Harder” To Be a Voice Actor!

VO Pro: Voiceover and Voice Acting

13-02-2024 • 41分

My guest today is not just a highly experienced voice actor of over 20 years. He is also the head of Gravy for the Brain Oceania and runs his own voice acting academy in New Zealand. Please welcome to the podcast, Toby Ricketts.

Toby Ricketts is a highly experienced voice actor and head of Gravy for the Brain Oceania, discusses his journey in the voice acting industry and the importance of community. He shares his experience with Gravy for the Brain and how it led to the establishment of the Voice Academy in New Zealand. Toby also highlights the challenges faced by new voice actors in 2024 and offers advice on making the leap to full-time voice acting. He emphasizes the importance of setting big hairy audacious goals and taking consistent daily steps towards achieving them.

Building a supportive community is crucial for voice actors.
Setting big hairy audacious goals can provide direction and focus.
Consistency and daily action are key to success in voice acting.
Diversifying income streams can provide stability and flexibility in the industry.

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:09 Getting Involved with Gravy for the Brain
06:46 Building the Voiceover Community in Oceania
09:56 The Importance of Community in Voice Acting
17:41 Starting the Voice Academy
21:50 Challenges for New Voice Actors in 2024
25:33 Making the Leap to Full-Time Voice Acting
35:10 Setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals
38:18 Taking Daily Steps and Consistency
41:30 Future Goals and Where to Find Toby Ricketts


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