Passion and Prestige Podcast

14-06-2022 • 13分

Avoid settling at all costs.  The temptation to settle has destroyed so many lives and will ruin yours if you listen to its lies.  In this episode, we will discuss the primary reasons why you must avoid settling in your life.
This podcast is for Dreamers, World Changers, and Thought Leaders. If you want to know how to push the boundaries of your influence, impact the world, and live out your God-given dreams, then this is the podcast for you. Join us for the most impactful and influential podcast you will ever experience. Chase down our dreams until the dreams you chased are reality...CHANGE THE WORLD.
#motivation #encouragement #purpose

Music: Night-mood  trap
Musician: Simon Sharp

Music: Say So
Musician: Corey "Joka Beatz" Dixon

all music and sounds from storyblocks