God and Our Dogs with Meg Grier - #244 - Dennis Blocker Part 1

God And Our Dogs with Meg Grier

09-07-2023 • 26分

Dennis Blocker, Author joins Meg Grier on God and Our Dogs Podcast: How are Dogs in War Zones cared for? What are their duties? How do they spend off duty time? What are their medical needs? Do they play, eat like our dogs? Does the enemy really have a bounty on them? Dennis Blocker, war dog trainer, handler and author of The Dogs I’ve Known in 2 Wars: Iraq and Afghanistan, answers these questions and more!

Our Vision on God & Our Dogs is discovering a new perspective and rely on God the way our dogs rely on us.

Host:  Meg Grier - Stories@GodAndOurDogs.com

Website: www.GodAndOurDogs.com

Recorded at Wheelers Western Outfitters

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Original Air Date:  07/08/2023

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