Getting the Full Dimension 20 Experience (with Brennan)

Dimension 20

06-06-2022 • 2分

Hey gang! Wondering where we've been? Well, we've been busy making lots more Dimension 20 (10 more seasons, in fact) over on! We know you love listening to Dimension 20 as a podcast, and guess what? With the Dropout app, you can download audio-only episodes for offline and use lockscreen audio to listen to every single one of our campaigns, from A Crown of Candy to Misfits & Magic and everything in-between! We've even got a special offer - use promo code "PODCAST" when signing up and you can get a full YEAR of for an additional 10% off! That's less than $5/month for Dimension 20, Adventuring Party, Game Changer, and more!